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Bjorngaard, J.H.; Carslake, D.; Lund Nilsen, T.I.; Linthorst, A.C.E.; Davey Smith, G.; Gunnell, D.; Romundstad, P.R. Association of Body Mass Index with Depression, Anxiety and Suicide-An Instrumental Variable Analysis of the HUNT Study 2015 PloS one 10 e0131708
Bjorngaard, J.H.; Gunnell, D.; Elvestad, M.B.; Davey Smith, G.; Skorpen, F.; Krokan, H.; Vatten, L.; Romundstad, P. The causal role of smoking in anxiety and depression: a Mendelian randomization analysis of the HUNT study 2013 Psychological Medicine 43 711-719
Carslake, D.; Davey Smith, G.; Gunnell, D.; Davies, N.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Romundstad, P. Confounding by ill health in the observed association between BMI and mortality: evidence from the HUNT Study using offspring BMI as an instrument 2017 International Journal of Epidemiology
Chang, S.S.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Tsai, M.K.; Bjerkeset, O.; Wen, C.P.; Yip, P.S.; Tsao, C.K.; Gunnell, D. Heart rate and suicide: findings from two cohorts of 533 000 Taiwanese and 75 000 Norwegian adults 2016 Acta Psychiatr Scand 133 277-288
Junker, A.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Gunnell, D.; Bjerkeset, O. Sleep Problems and Hospitalization for Self-Harm: A 15-Year Follow-Up of 9,000 Norwegian Adolescents. The Young-HUNT Study 2014 Sleep 37 579-585
Kaspersen, S.L.; Pape, K.; Vie, G.A.; Ose, S.O.; Krokstad, S.; Gunnell, D.; Bjorngaard, J.H. Health and unemployment: 14 years of follow-up on job loss in the Norwegian HUNT Study 2016 Eur J Public Health 26 312-317
Strandheim, A.; Bjerkeset, O.; Gunnell, D.; Bjornelv, S.; Holmen, T.L.; Bentzen, N. Risk factors for suicidal thoughts in adolescence--a prospective cohort study: the Young-HUNT study 2014 BMJ Open 4 e005867