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Borte, S.; Winsvold, B.S.; Stensland, S.O.; Smastuen, M.C.; Zwart, J.-A. The effect of foetal growth restriction on the development of migraine and tension-type headache in adulthood. The HUNT Study 2017 PloS one 12 e0175908
Johnsen, M.B.; Guddal, M.H.; Smastuen, M.C.; Moksnes, H.; Engebretsen, L.; Storheim, K.; Zwart, J.A. Sport Participation and the Risk of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Adolescents: A Population-based Prospective Cohort Study (The Young-HUNT Study) 2016 Am J Sports Med
Johnsen, M.B.; Hellevik, A.I.; Smastuen, M.C.; Langhammer, A.; Furnes, O.; Flugsrud, G.B.; Nordsletten, L.; Zwart, J.A.; Storheim, K. The mediating effect of body mass index on the relationship between smoking and hip or knee replacement due to primary osteoarthritis. A population-based cohort study (the HUNT Study) 2017 PloS one 12 e0190288
Lysberg, F.; Gjerstad, P.L.; Smastuen, M.C.; Innstrand, S.T.; Hoie, M.M.; Arild Espnes, G. Has life satisfaction in Norway increased over a 20-year period? Exploring age and gender differences in a prospective longitudinal study, HUNT 2018 Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 46 132-140