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Bjornland, T.; Bye, A.; Ryeng, E.; Wisloff, U.; Langaas, M. Powerful extreme phenotype sampling designs and score tests for genetic association studies 2018 Statistics in Medicine 37 4234-4251 details   doi
Bye, A.; Rosjo, H.; Aspenes, S.T.; Condorelli, G.; Omland, T.; Wisloff, U. Circulating microRNAs and aerobic fitness--the HUNT-Study 2013 PloS one 8 e57496 details   doi
Bye, A.; Vettukattil, R.; Aspenes, S.T.; Giskeodegard, G.F.; Gribbestad, I.S.; Wisloff, U.; Bathen, T.F. Serum levels of choline-containing compounds are associated with aerobic fitness level: the HUNT-study 2012 PloS one 7 e42330 details   doi
Ernstsen, L.; Rangul, V.; Nauman, J.; Nes, B.M.; Dalen, H.; Krokstad, S.; Lavie, C.J.; Blair, S.N.; Wisloff, U. Protective Effect of Regular Physical Activity on Depression After Myocardial Infarction: The HUNT Study 2016 Am J Med 129 82-88 details   doi
Hagen, K.; Wisloff, U.; Ellingsen, O.; Stovner, L.J.; Linde, M. Headache and peak oxygen uptake: The HUNT3 study 2016 Cephalalgia 36 437-444 details  
Karlsen, T.; Nauman, J.; Dalen, H.; Langhammer, A.; Wisloff, U. The Combined Association of Skeletal Muscle Strength and Physical Activity on Mortality in Older Women: The HUNT2 Study 2017 Mayo Clinic Proceedings 92 710-718 details   doi
Kieffer, S.K.; Croci, I.; Wisloff, U.; Nauman, J. Temporal Changes in a Novel Metric of Physical Activity Tracking (Personal Activity Intelligence) and Mortality: The HUNT Study, Norway 2018 Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases details   doi
Kieffer, S.K.; Zisko, N.; Coombes, J.S.; Nauman, J.; Wisloff, U. Personal Activity Intelligence and Mortality in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: The HUNT Study 2018 Mayo Clinic Proceedings 93 1191-1201 details   doi
Larsen, J.S.; Skaug, E.A.; Wisloff, U.; Ellingsen, O.; Stovner, L.J.; Linde, M.; Hagen, K. Migraine and endothelial function: The HUNT3 Study 2016 Cephalalgia details   doi
Letnes, J.M.; Dalen, H.; Vesterbekkmo, E.K.; Wisloff, U.; Nes, B.M. Peak oxygen uptake and incident coronary heart disease in a healthy population: the HUNT Fitness Study 2018 European Heart Journal details   doi
Loe, H.; Nes, B.M.; Wisloff, U. Predicting VO2peak from Submaximal- and Peak Exercise Models: The HUNT 3 Fitness Study, Norway 2016 PLoS One 11 e0144873 details   doi
Moholdt, T.; Wisloff, U.; Lydersen, S.; Nauman, J. Current physical activity guidelines for health are insufficient to mitigate long-term weight gain: more data in the fitness versus fatness debate (The HUNT study, Norway) 2014 British Journal of Sports Medicine 48 1489-1496 details   doi
Nauman, J.; Aspenes, S.T.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Vatten, L.J.; Wisloff, U. A prospective population study of resting heart rate and peak oxygen uptake (the HUNT Study, Norway) 2012 PloS one 7 e45021 details   doi
Nauman, J.; Nes, B.M.; Lavie, C.J.; Jackson, A.S.; Sui, X.; Coombes, J.S.; Blair, S.N.; Wisloff, U. Prediction of Cardiovascular Mortality by Estimated Cardiorespiratory Fitness Independent of Traditional Risk Factors: The HUNT Study 2017 Mayo Clinic Proceedings 92 218-227 details   doi
Nes, B.M.; Gutvik, C.R.; Lavie, C.J.; Nauman, J.; Wisloff, U. Personalized Activity Intelligence (PAI) for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Promotion of Physical Activity 2017 The American Journal of Medicine 130 328-336 details   doi
Nes, B.M.; Janszky, I.; Aspenes, S.T.; Bertheussen, G.F.; Vatten, L.J.; Wisloff, U. Exercise patterns and peak oxygen uptake in a healthy population: the HUNT study 2012 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 44 1881-1889 details   doi
Nes, B.M.; Janszky, I.; Wisloff, U.; Stoylen, A.; Karlsen, T. Age-predicted maximal heart rate in healthy subjects: The HUNT Fitness Study 2013 Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 23 697-704 details   doi
Nes, B.M.; Osthus, I.B.O.; Welde, B.; Aspenes, S.T.; Wisloff, U. Peak oxygen uptake and physical activity in 13- to 18-year-olds: the Young-HUNT study 2013 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 45 304-313 details   doi
Nes, B.M.; Vatten, L.J.; Nauman, J.; Janszky, I.; Wisloff, U. A Simple Nonexercise Model of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Predicts Long-Term Mortality 2014 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise details   doi
Osthus, I.B.O.; Lydersen, S.; Dalen, H.; Nauman, J.; Wisloff, U. Association of Telomere Length With Myocardial Infarction: A Prospective Cohort From the Population Based HUNT 2 Study 2017 Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases 59 649-655 details   doi
Skaug, E.-A.; Aspenes, S.T.; Oldervoll, L.; Morkedal, B.; Vatten, L.; Wisloff, U.; Ellingsen, O. Age and gender differences of endothelial function in 4739 healthy adults: the HUNT3 Fitness Study 2013 European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 20 531-540 details   doi
Strand, L.B.; Laugsand, L.E.; Skaug, E.-A.; Ellingsen, O.; Madssen, E.; Wisloff, U.; Vatten, L.; Janszky, I. Insomnia and endothelial function – the HUNT 3 fitness study 2012 PloS one 7 e50933 details   doi
Strand, L.B.; Laugsand, L.E.; Wisloff, U.; Nes, B.M.; Vatten, L.; Janszky, I. Insomnia symptoms and cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy individuals: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT) 2013 Sleep 36 99-108 details   doi
Zisko, N.; Skjerve, K.N.; Tari, A.R.; Sandbakk, S.B.; Wisloff, U.; Nes, B.M.; Nauman, J. Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Clustering – the HUNT Study 2017 Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases 60 89-95 details   doi
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