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Petursson, H.; Sigurdsson, J.A.; Bengtsson, C.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Getz, L. Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study 2012 Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 159-168 details   doi
Prior, J.C.; Naess, M.; Langhammer, A.; Forsmo, S. Ovulation Prevalence in Women with Spontaneous Normal-Length Menstrual Cycles – A Population-Based Cohort from HUNT3, Norway 2015 PLoS One 10 e0134473 details   doi
Quanjer, P.H.; Ruppel, G.L.; Langhammer, A.; Krishna, A.; Mertens, F.; Johannessen, A.; Menezes, A.M.B.; Wehrmeister, F.C.; Perez-Padilla, R.; Swanney, M.P.; Tan, W.C.; Bourbeau, J. Bronchodilator Response in FVC Is Larger and More Relevant Than in FEV1 in Severe Airflow Obstruction 2017 Chest 151 1088-1098 details   doi
Rangul, V.; Bauman, A.; Holmen, T.L.; Midthjell, K. Is physical activity maintenance from adolescence to young adulthood associated with reduced CVD risk factors, improved mental health and satisfaction with life: the HUNT Study, Norway 2012 The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 9 144 details   doi
Rasouli, B.; Ahlbom, A.; Andersson, T.; Grill, V.; Midthjell, K.; Olsson, L.; Carlsson, S. Alcohol consumption is associated with reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diabetes in adults: results from the Nord-Trondelag health study 2013 Diabetic Medicine : a Journal of the British Diabetic Association 30 56-64 details   doi
Rasouli, B.; Grill, V.; Midthjell, K.; Ahlbom, A.; Andersson, T.; Carlsson, S. Smoking is associated with reduced risk of autoimmune diabetes in adults contrasting with increased risk in overweight men with type 2 diabetes: a 22-year follow-up of the HUNT study 2013 Diabetes Care 36 604-610 details   doi
Rawal, R.; Teumer, A.; Volzke, H.; Wallaschofski, H.; Ittermann, T.; Asvold, B.O.; Bjoro, T.; Greiser, K.H.; Tiller, D.; Werdan, K.; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, H.E.; Doering, A.; Illig, T.; Gieger, C.; Meisinger, C.; Homuth, G. Meta-analysis of two genome-wide association studies identifies four genetic loci associated with thyroid function 2012 Human Molecular Genetics 21 3275-3282 details   doi
Rognmo, K.; Torvik, F.A.; Ask, H.; Roysamb, E.; Tambs, K. Paternal and maternal alcohol abuse and offspring mental distress in the general population: the Nord-Trondelag health study 2012 BMC Public Health 12 448 details   doi
Rognmo, K.; Torvik, F.A.; Roysamb, E.; Tambs, K. Alcohol use and spousal mental distress in a population sample: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2013 BMC Public Health 13 319 details   doi
Rostad, B.; Schmidt, L.; Sundby, J.; Schei, B. Has fertility declined from mid-1990s to mid-2000s? 2013 Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 92 1284-1289 details   doi
Sandvei, M.S.; Lindekleiv, H.; Romundstad, P.R.; Muller, T.B.; Vatten, L.J.; Ingebrigtsen, T.; Njolstad, I.; Mathiesen, E.B.; Vik, A. Risk factors for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage – BMI and serum lipids: 11-year follow-up of the HUNT and the Tromso Study in Norway 2012 Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 125 382-388 details   doi
Sivertsen, B.; Salo, P.; Mykletun, A.; Hysing, M.; Pallesen, S.; Krokstad, S.; Nordhus, I.H.; Overland, S. The bidirectional association between depression and insomnia: the HUNT study 2012 Psychosomatic Medicine 74 758-765 details   doi
Sivertsen, H.; Lillefjell, M.; Espnes, G.A. The relationship between health promoting resources and work participation in a sample reporting musculoskeletal pain from the Nord-Trondelag Health Study, HUNT 3, Norway 2013 BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 14 100 details   doi
Skaug, E.-A.; Aspenes, S.T.; Oldervoll, L.; Morkedal, B.; Vatten, L.; Wisloff, U.; Ellingsen, O. Age and gender differences of endothelial function in 4739 healthy adults: the HUNT3 Fitness Study 2013 European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 20 531-540 details   doi
Skogen, J.C.; Bergh, S.; Stewart, R.; Knudsen, A.K.; Bjerkeset, O. Midlife mental distress and risk for dementia up to 27 years later: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT) in linkage with a dementia registry in Norway 2015 BMC Geriatr 15 23 details   doi
Skogen, J.C.; Knudsen, A.K.; Mykletun, A.; Nesvag, S.; Overland, S. Alcohol consumption, problem drinking, abstention and disability pension award. The Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT) 2012 Addiction (Abingdon, England) 107 98-108 details   doi
Snekvik, I.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Romundstad, P.R.; Saunes, M. Psoriasis and cardiovascular disease risk factors: the HUNT Study, Norway 2018 Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV 32 776-782 details   doi
Snekvik, I.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Romundstad, P.R.; Saunes, M. Psoriasis and cardiovascular disease risk factors: the HUNT Study, Norway 2018 Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV 32 776-782 details   doi
Snekvik, I.; Smith, C.H.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Langan, S.M.; Modalsli, E.H.; Romundstad, P.R.; Saunes, M. Obesity, Waist Circumference, Weight Change, and Risk of Incident Psoriasis: Prospective Data from the HUNT Study 2017 The Journal of Investigative Dermatology 137 2484-2490 details   doi
Sorensen, T.; Danbolt, L.J.; Lien, L.; Koenig, H.G.; Holmen, J. The relationship between religious attendance and blood pressure: the HUNT Study, Norway 2011 International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 42 13-28 details   url
Sorgjerd, E.P.; Skorpen, F.; Kvaloy, K.; Midthjell, K.; Grill, V. Time dynamics of autoantibodies are coupled to phenotypes and add to the heterogeneity of autoimmune diabetes in adults: the HUNT study, Norway 2012 Diabetologia 55 1310-1318 details   doi
Steinsbekk, A. Families' visits to practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine in a total population (the HUNT studies) 2010 Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 38 96-104 details   doi
Steinsbekk, A.; Nilsen, T.V.L.; Rise, M.B. Characteristics of visitors to homeopaths in a total adult population study in Norway (HUNT 2) 2008 Homeopathy : the Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy 97 178-184 details   doi
Stensland, S.O.; Thoresen, S.; Wentzel-Larsen, T.; Dyb, G. Interpersonal violence and overweight in adolescents: the HUNT Study 2015 Scand J Public Health 43 18-26 details   doi
Storeng, S.H.; Krokstad, S.; Westin, S.; Sund, E.R. Decennial trends and inequalities in healthy life expectancy: The HUNT Study, Norway 2018 Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 46 124-131 details   doi
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