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Anttila, V.; Winsvold, B.S.; Gormley, P.; Kurth, T.; Bettella, F.; McMahon, G.; Kallela, M.; Malik, R.; de Vries, B.; Terwindt, G.; Medland, S.E.; Todt, U.; McArdle, W.L.; Quaye, L.; Koiranen, M.; Ikram, M.A.; Lehtimaki, T.; Stam, A.H.; Ligthart, L.; Wedenoja, J.; Dunham, I.; Neale, B.M.; Palta, P.; Hamalainen, E.; Schurks, M.; Rose, L.M.; Buring, J.E.; Ridker, P.M.; Steinberg, S.; Stefansson, H.; Jakobsson, F.; Lawlor, D.A.; Evans, D.M.; Ring, S.M.; Farkkila, M.; Artto, V.; Kaunisto, M.A.; Freilinger, T.; Schoenen, J.; Frants, R.R.; Pelzer, N.; Weller, C.M.; Zielman, R.; Heath, A.C.; Madden, P.A.F.; Montgomery, G.W.; Martin, N.G.; Borck, G.; Gobel, H.; Heinze, A.; Heinze-Kuhn, K.; Williams, F.M.K.; Hartikainen, A.-L.; Pouta, A.; van den Ende, J.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Hofman, A.; Amin, N.; Hottenga, J.-J.; Vink, J.M.; Heikkila, K.; Alexander, M.; Muller-Myhsok, B.; Schreiber, S.; Meitinger, T.; Wichmann, H.E.; Aromaa, A.; Eriksson, J.G.; Traynor, B.J.; Trabzuni, D.; Rossin, E.; Lage, K.; Jacobs, S.B.R.; Gibbs, J.R.; Birney, E.; Kaprio, J.; Penninx, B.W.; Boomsma, D.I.; van Duijn, C.; Raitakari, O.; Jarvelin, M.-R.; Zwart, J.-A.; Cherkas, L.; Strachan, D.P.; Kubisch, C.; Ferrari, M.D.; van den Maagdenberg, A.M.J.M.; Dichgans, M.; Wessman, M.; Smith, G.D.; Stefansson, K.; Daly, M.J.; Nyholt, D.R.; Chasman, D.I.; Palotie, A. Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new susceptibility loci for migraine 2013 Nature Genetics 45 912-917 details   doi
Arnes M Lifestyle in hypertensive patients – a study of lifestyle related cardiovascular risk factors in hypertensive patients based on the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study 2006-2008 2009 details  
Ask, H.; Langballe, E.M.; Holmen, J.; Selbaek, G.; Saltvedt, I.; Tambs, K. Mental health and wellbeing in spouses of persons with dementia: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2014 BMC Public Health 14 413 details   doi
Aspenes ST Peak oxygen uptake among healthy adults. Cross-sectional descriptions and prospective analyses of peak oxygen uptake, physical activity and cardiobascular risk factors in healthy adults (20-90 years) 2011 details  
Aspenes ST, Nauman J, Nilsen TI, Vatten LJ, Wisloff U. Physical activity as a long-term predictor of peak oxygen uptake: the HUNT Study. 2011 Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 43(9) 1675-9 details  
Aspenes ST, Nilen TI, Skaug EA, Bertheussen GF, Ellingsen O, Vatten L, Wisloff U Peak oxygen uptake and cardiovascular risk factors in 4631 healthy women and men 2011 Meed Sci Ports Exerc 2011 43 1465-73 details  
Asvold, B.O.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Carslake, D.; Gabrielsen, M.E.; Skorpen, F.; Davey Smith, G.; Romundstad, P.R. Causal associations of tobacco smoking with cardiovascular risk factors: a Mendelian randomization analysis of the HUNT Study in Norway 2014 International Journal of Epidemiology 43 1458-1470 details   doi
Bertheussen GF Physical activity and health in a general population and in cancer survivors. Methodological, observational and clinical aspects. 2012 details  
Bertheussen GF, Romundstad PR, Landmark T, Kaasa S, Dale O, Helbostad JL Associations between physical activity and physical and mental health – A HUNT 3 Study 2010 Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010 Dec 1. [Epub ahead of print] details  
Bjorngaard, J.H.; Carslake, D.; Lund Nilsen, T.I.; Linthorst, A.C.E.; Davey Smith, G.; Gunnell, D.; Romundstad, P.R. Association of Body Mass Index with Depression, Anxiety and Suicide-An Instrumental Variable Analysis of the HUNT Study 2015 PloS one 10 e0131708 details   doi
Bjoro V A cross-cultural comparison of anxiety and depression symptoms and psychometric properties of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) in ypung female populations in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and Nord-Trøndelag, Norway 2011 details  
Bosnes O, Troland K Wechsler Memory Scale-III og Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III utprøvd i et utvalg av HUNT 3-populasjonen 2012 Tidsskr Nor Psykologiforening 2012 49 462-7 details  
Brunes A The association between physical activity, mental health, and personality: The HUNT study 2011 details  
Brunes, A.; Gudmundsdottir, S.L.; Augestad, L.B. Gender-specific associations between leisure-time physical activity and symptoms of anxiety: the HUNT study 2015 Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 50 419-427 details  
Brunes, A.; Gudmundsdottir, S.L.; Augestad, L.B. Gender-specific associations between leisure-time physical activity and symptoms of anxiety: the HUNT study 2014 Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology details   doi
Chan Y, Holmen OL, Dauber A, Vatten L, Havulinna AS, Skorpen F, Kvaloy K, Silander K, Nguyen TT, Willer C, Boehnke M, Perola M, Palotie A, Salomaa V, Hveem K, Frayling TM, Hirschhorn JN, Weedon MN. Common variants show predicted polygenic effects on hight in the traits of the distribution, except in extremely short individuals 2011 PLoS Genet. 2011 Dec 7(12) e1002439. Epub 2011 Dec 29. details  
Chau, J Sedentary behaviour in adults_ Epidemiology, measurement and intervention. 2012 details  
Chau, J.Y.; Grunseit, A.; Midthjell, K.; Holmen, J.; Holmen, T.L.; Bauman, A.E.; Van der Ploeg, H.P. Sedentary behaviour and risk of mortality from all-causes and cardiometabolic diseases in adults: evidence from the HUNT3 population cohort 2015 Br J Sports Med 49 737-742 details  
Chen, C.H.; Peng, Q.; Schork, A.J.; Lo, M.T.; Fan, C.C.; Wang, Y.; Desikan, R.S.; Bettella, F.; Hagler, D.J.; Westlye, L.T.; Kremen, W.S.; Jernigan, T.L.; Hellard, S.L.; Steen, V.M.; Espeseth, T.; Huentelman, M.; Haberg, A.K.; Agartz, I.; Djurovic, S.; Andreassen, O.A.; Schork, N.; Dale, A.M. Large-scale genomics unveil polygenic architecture of human cortical surface area 2015 Nat Commun 6 7549 details   doi
Cuypers K, Krokstad S, Holmen TL, Knudtsen MS, Bygren LO, Holmen J Patterns of receptive and creative cultural activities and their association with perceived health, anxiety, depression and satisfaction with life among adults: the HUNT study, Norway 2011 JECH Online May 23 2011 details  
Cuypers KF Weight developent from adolescence to adulthood. Associations with leisure time activities, weight-perception and obesity-susceptibility loci – The HUNT Study 2013 details  
Dahl KE, Wang NJ, Holst D, Ohrn K Oral health-related quality of life among adult 68-77 years old in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway 2011 Int J Dent Hygiene 2011 9 87-92 details  
Dale, O.; Borchgrevink, P.C.; Fredheim, O.M.S.; Mahic, M.; Romundstad, P.; Skurtveit, S. Prevalence of use of non-prescription analgesics in the Norwegian HUNT3 population: Impact of gender, age, exercise and prescription of opioids 2015 BMC Public Health 15 461 details   doi
Dalen H Normal values and associations with cardiac risk factors in a population free form cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes: the HUNT 3 study 2010 details  
Dalen H, Thorstensen A, Vatten LJ, Aase SA, Stoylen A Reference values and distribution of conventional exhocardiographic doppler measures and longitudinal tissue doppler velocities in a population free from cardiovascular disease 2010 Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2010 Jun 25 (epub ahead of print) details  
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