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Eik-Nes, T.; Romild, U.; Guzey, I.; Holmen, T.; Micali, N.; Bjornelv, S. Women's weight and disordered eating in a large Norwegian community sample: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT) 2015 BMJ Open 5 e008125 details  
Heuch, I.; Hagen, K.; Zwart, J.A. Association between body height and chronic low back pain: a follow-up in the Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2015 BMJ Open 5 e006983 details  
Sorgjerd, E.P.; Thorsby, P.M.; Torjesen, P.A.; Skorpen, F.; Kvaloy, K.; Grill, V. Presence of anti-GAD in a non-diabetic population of adults; time dynamics and clinical influence: results from the HUNT study 2015 BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care 3 e000076 details  
Jolle, A.; Midthjell, K.; Holmen, J.; Tuomilehto, J.; Carlsen, S.M.; Shaw, J.; Asvold, B.O. Impact of sex and age on the performance of FINDRISC: the HUNT Study in Norway 2016 BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care 4 e000217 details   doi
Letnes, J.M.; Torske, M.O.; Hilt, B.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Krokstad, S. Symptoms of depression and all-cause mortality in farmers, a cohort study: the HUNT study, Norway 2016 BMJ Open 6 e010783 details   doi
Engdahl, B.; Krog, N.H.; Kvestad, E.; Hoffman, H.J.; Tambs, K. Occupation and the risk of bothersome tinnitus: results from a prospective cohort study (HUNT) 2012 BMJ Open 2 e000512 details   doi
Rommen, K.; Schei, B.; Rydning, A.; H Sultan, A.; Morkved, S. Prevalence of anal incontinence among Norwegian women: a cross-sectional study 2012 BMJ Open 2 details   doi
Pape, K.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Holmen, T.L.; Krokstad, S. The welfare burden of adolescent anxiety and depression: a prospective study of 7500 young Norwegians and their families: the HUNT study 2012 BMJ Open 2 details   doi
Stensland, S.O.; Dyb, G.; Thoresen, S.; Wentzel-Larsen, T.; Zwart, J.-A. Potentially traumatic interpersonal events, psychological distress and recurrent headache in a population-based cohort of adolescents: the HUNT study 2013 BMJ Open 3 details   doi
Jacobsen, L.M.; Winsvold, B.S.; Romundstad, S.; Pripp, A.H.; Holmen, J.; Zwart, J.-A. Urinary albumin excretion as a marker of endothelial dysfunction in migraine sufferers: the HUNT study, Norway 2013 BMJ Open 3 details   doi
Jorgensen, P.; Langhammer, A.; Krokstad, S.; Forsmo, S. Is there an association between disease ignorance and self-rated health? The HUNT Study, a cross-sectional survey 2014 BMJ Open 4 e004962 details   doi
Strandheim, A.; Bjerkeset, O.; Gunnell, D.; Bjornelv, S.; Holmen, T.L.; Bentzen, N. Risk factors for suicidal thoughts in adolescence--a prospective cohort study: the Young-HUNT study 2014 BMJ Open 4 e005867 details   doi
Hjerkind, K.V.; Stenehjem, J.S.; Nilsen, T.I.L. Adiposity, physical activity and risk of diabetes mellitus: prospective data from the population-based HUNT study, Norway 2017 BMJ Open 7 e013142 details   doi
Almkvist, O.; Bosnes, O.; Bosnes, I.; Stordal, E. Selective impact of disease on short-term and long-term components of self-reported memory: a population-based HUNT study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e013586 details   doi
Nordstoga, A.L.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Vasseljen, O.; Unsgaard-Tondel, M.; Mork, P.J. The influence of multisite pain and psychological comorbidity on prognosis of chronic low back pain: longitudinal data from the Norwegian HUNT Study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e015312 details   doi
Sun, Y.-Q.; Langhammer, A.; Skorpen, F.; Chen, Y.; Mai, X.-M. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level, chronic diseases and all-cause mortality in a population-based prospective cohort: the HUNT Study, Norway 2017 BMJ Open 7 e017256 details   doi
Talseth, A.; Edna, T.-H.; Hveem, K.; Lydersen, S.; Ness-Jensen, E. Quality of life and psychological and gastrointestinal symptoms after cholecystectomy: a population-based cohort study 2017 BMJ Open Gastroenterology 4 e000128 details   doi
Folling, I.S.; Kulseng, B.; Midthjell, K.; Rangul, V.; Helvik, A.-S. Individuals at high risk for type 2 diabetes invited to a lifestyle program: characteristics of participants versus non-participants (the HUNT Study) and 24-month follow-up of participants (the VEND-RISK Study) 2017 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 5 e000368 details   doi
Heuch, I.; Heuch, I.; Hagen, K.; Mai, X.-M.; Langhammer, A.; Zwart, J.-A. Is there an association between vitamin D status and risk of chronic low back pain? A nested case-control analysis in the Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e018521 details   doi
Storeng, S.H.; Sund, E.R.; Krokstad, S. Factors associated with basic and instrumental activities of daily living in elderly participants of a population-based survey: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study, Norway 2018 BMJ Open 8 e018942 details   doi
Gemes, K.; Janszky, I.; Strand, L.B.; Laszlo, K.D.; Ahnve, S.; Vatten, L.J.; Dalen, H.; Mukamal, K.J. Light-moderate alcohol consumption and left ventricular function among healthy, middle-aged adults: the HUNT study 2018 BMJ Open 8 e020777 details   doi
Jolle, A.; Asvold, B.O.; Holmen, J.; Carlsen, S.M.; Tuomilehto, J.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Midthjell, K. Basic lifestyle advice to individuals at high risk of type 2 diabetes: a 2-year population-based diabetes prevention study. The DE-PLAN intervention in the HUNT Study, Norway 2018 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 6 e000509 details   doi
Naess, M.; Sund, E.R.; Holmen, T.L.; Kvaloy, K. Implications of parental lifestyle changes and education level on adolescent offspring weight: a population based cohort study – The HUNT Study, Norway 2018 BMJ Open 8 e023406 details   doi
Amorim, A.B.; Ferreira, P.H.; Ferreira, M.L.; Lier, R.; Simic, M.; Pappas, E.; Zadro, J.R.; Mork, P.J.; Nilsen, T.I. Influence of family history on prognosis of spinal pain and the role of leisure time physical activity and body mass index: a prospective study using family-linkage data from the Norwegian HUNT study 2018 BMJ Open 8 e022785 details   doi
Heuch, I.; Heuch, I.; Hagen, K.; Sorgjerd, E.P.; Asvold, B.O.; Zwart, J.-A. Is chronic low back pain a risk factor for diabetes? The Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2018 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 6 e000569 details   doi
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