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Rangul, V.; Sund, E.R.; Mork, P.J.; Roe, O.D.; Bauman, A. The associations of sitting time and physical activity on total and site-specific cancer incidence: Results from the HUNT study, Norway 2018 PloS one 13 e0206015 details   doi
Weiss, D.; Rydland, H.T.; Oversveen, E.; Jensen, M.R.; Solhaug, S.; Krokstad, S. Innovative technologies and social inequalities in health: A scoping review of the literature 2018 PloS one 13 e0195447 details   doi
Johnsen, M.B.; Hellevik, A.I.; Smastuen, M.C.; Langhammer, A.; Furnes, O.; Flugsrud, G.B.; Nordsletten, L.; Zwart, J.A.; Storheim, K. The mediating effect of body mass index on the relationship between smoking and hip or knee replacement due to primary osteoarthritis. A population-based cohort study (the HUNT Study) 2017 PloS one 12 e0190288 details   doi
Torske, M.O.; Krokstad, S.; Stamatakis, E.; Bauman, A. Dog ownership and all-cause mortality in a population cohort in Norway: The HUNT study 2017 PloS one 12 e0179832 details   doi
Borte, S.; Winsvold, B.S.; Stensland, S.O.; Smastuen, M.C.; Zwart, J.-A. The effect of foetal growth restriction on the development of migraine and tension-type headache in adulthood. The HUNT Study 2017 PloS one 12 e0175908 details   doi
Bjornland, T.; Langaas, M.; Grill, V.; Mostad, I.L. Assessing gene-environment interaction effects of FTO, MC4R and lifestyle factors on obesity using an extreme phenotype sampling design: Results from the HUNT study 2017 PloS one 12 e0175071 details   doi
Skaug, E.A.; Nes, B.; Aspenes, S.T.; Ellingsen, O. Non-Smoking Tobacco Affects Endothelial Function in Healthy Men in One of the Largest Health Studies Ever Performed; The Nord-Trondelag Health Study in Norway; HUNT3 2016 PLoS One 11 e0160205 details   doi
Lier, R.; Mork, P.J.; Holtermann, A.; Nilsen, T.I. Familial Risk of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and the Importance of Physical Activity and Body Mass Index: Prospective Data from the HUNT Study, Norway 2016 PLoS One 11 e0153828 details   doi
Haberg, A.K.; Hammer, T.A.; Kvistad, K.A.; Rydland, J.; Muller, T.B.; Eikenes, L.; Garseth, M.; Stovner, L.J. Incidental Intracranial Findings and Their Clinical Impact; The HUNT MRI Study in a General Population of 1006 Participants between 50-66 Years 2016 PLoS One 11 e0151080 details   doi
Loe, H.; Nes, B.M.; Wisloff, U. Predicting VO2peak from Submaximal- and Peak Exercise Models: The HUNT 3 Fitness Study, Norway 2016 PLoS One 11 e0144873 details   doi
Kvaloy, K.; Holmen, J.; Hveem, K.; Holmen, T.L. Genetic Effects on Longitudinal Changes from Healthy to Adverse Weight and Metabolic Status – The HUNT Study 2015 PLoS One 10 e0139632 details   doi
Prior, J.C.; Naess, M.; Langhammer, A.; Forsmo, S. Ovulation Prevalence in Women with Spontaneous Normal-Length Menstrual Cycles – A Population-Based Cohort from HUNT3, Norway 2015 PLoS One 10 e0134473 details   doi
Bjorngaard, J.H.; Carslake, D.; Lund Nilsen, T.I.; Linthorst, A.C.E.; Davey Smith, G.; Gunnell, D.; Romundstad, P.R. Association of Body Mass Index with Depression, Anxiety and Suicide-An Instrumental Variable Analysis of the HUNT Study 2015 PloS one 10 e0131708 details   doi
Tomasdottir, M.O.; Sigurdsson, J.A.; Petursson, H.; Kirkengen, A.L.; Krokstad, S.; McEwen, B.; Hetlevik, I.; Getz, L. Self Reported Childhood Difficulties, Adult Multimorbidity and Allostatic Load. A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Norwegian HUNT Study 2015 PloS one 10 e0130591 details   doi
Skalicka, V.; Ringdal, K.; Witvliet, M.I. Socioeconomic inequalities in mortality and repeated measurement of explanatory risk factors in a 25 years follow-up 2015 PloS one 10 e0124690 details   doi
Heuch, I.; Heuch, I.; Hagen, K.; Zwart, J.-A. Do abnormal serum lipid levels increase the risk of chronic low back pain? The Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2014 PloS one 9 e108227 details   doi
De Ridder, K.A.A.; Pape, K.; Johnsen, R.; Holmen, T.L.; Westin, S.; Bjorngaard, J.H. Adolescent health and high school dropout: a prospective cohort study of 9000 Norwegian adolescents (the young-HUNT) 2013 PloS one 8 e74954 details   doi
Landmark, T.; Romundstad, P.R.; Borchgrevink, P.C.; Kaasa, S.; Dale, O. Longitudinal associations between exercise and pain in the general population--the HUNT pain study 2013 PloS one 8 e65279 details   doi
Bye, A.; Rosjo, H.; Aspenes, S.T.; Condorelli, G.; Omland, T.; Wisloff, U. Circulating microRNAs and aerobic fitness--the HUNT-Study 2013 PloS one 8 e57496 details   doi
Strand, L.B.; Laugsand, L.E.; Skaug, E.-A.; Ellingsen, O.; Madssen, E.; Wisloff, U.; Vatten, L.; Janszky, I. Insomnia and endothelial function – the HUNT 3 fitness study 2012 PloS one 7 e50933 details   doi
Nauman, J.; Aspenes, S.T.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Vatten, L.J.; Wisloff, U. A prospective population study of resting heart rate and peak oxygen uptake (the HUNT Study, Norway) 2012 PloS one 7 e45021 details   doi
Bye, A.; Vettukattil, R.; Aspenes, S.T.; Giskeodegard, G.F.; Gribbestad, I.S.; Wisloff, U.; Bathen, T.F. Serum levels of choline-containing compounds are associated with aerobic fitness level: the HUNT-study 2012 PloS one 7 e42330 details   doi
Vengen, I.T.; Madsen, H.O.; Garred, P.; Platou, C.; Vatten, L.; Videm, V. Mannose-binding lectin deficiency is associated with myocardial infarction: the HUNT2 study in Norway 2012 PloS one 7 e42113 details   doi
Kelly, M.A.; Rees, S.D.; Hydrie, M.Z.I.; Shera, A.S.; Bellary, S.; O'Hare, J.P.; Kumar, S.; Taheri, S.; Basit, A.; Barnett, A.H. Circadian gene variants and susceptibility to type 2 diabetes: a pilot study 2012 PloS one 7 e32670 details   doi
Johnson, M.P.; Brennecke, S.P.; East, C.E.; Goring, H.H.H.; Kent, J.W.J.; Dyer, T.D.; Said, J.M.; Roten, L.T.; Iversen, A.-C.; Abraham, L.J.; Heinonen, S.; Kajantie, E.; Kere, J.; Kivinen, K.; Pouta, A.; Laivuori, H.; Austgulen, R.; Blangero, J.; Moses, E.K. Genome-wide association scan identifies a risk locus for preeclampsia on 2q14, near the inhibin, beta B gene 2012 PloS one 7 e33666 details   doi
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