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Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19.1 million participants 2017 Lancet (London, England) 389 37-55 details   doi
------- details  
Aamaas O, Hoien F Forekomst av hypoglycemi i en ikke-selektert befolkning 2005 details  
Aamodt AH Comorbidity of headache and migraine in the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study 1995-97 2008 details  
Aamodt AH, Borch-Iohnsen B, Hagen K, Stovner LJ, Asberg A, Zwart JA Headache prevalence related to haemoglobin and ferritin. The HUNT Study 2004 Cephalalgia 2004 24 758-62 details  
Aamodt AH, Stovner LJ, Hagen K, Brathen G, Zwart JA Headache prevalence related to smoking and alcohol use. The Head-HUNT Study 2006 European Journal of Neurologi 2006 13 1233-8 details  
Aamodt AH, Stovner LJ, Hagen K, Zwart JA Comorbidity of headache and gastrointestinal complaints. The Head-HUNT Study 2007 Cephalalgia 2007 28 144-51 details  
Aamodt AH, Stovner LJ, Midthjell K, Hagen K, Zwart JA Headache prevalence related to diabetes mellitus. The Head-HUNT Study 2007 Eur J Neurol. 2007 14(7) 738-44 details  
Aarhus L, Kvestad E, Tambs K, Engdahl B Aldersrelatert hørselstap: En kort oppsummering av resultater fra Hørselsundersøkelsen i Nord-Trøndelag 2012 Norsk Epidemiologi 2012 22(2) 175-6 details  
Aarhus, L.; Tambs, K.; Hoffman, H.J.; Engdahl, B. Childhood otitis media is associated with dizziness in adulthood: the HUNT cohort study 2016 Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 273 2047-2054 details  
Aarhus, L.; Tambs, K.; Kvestad, E.; Engdahl, B. Childhood Otitis Media: A Cohort Study With 30-Year Follow-Up of Hearing (The HUNT Study) 2015 Ear Hear 36 302-308 details   doi
Aas I Sammenhengen mellom lungesymptomer, kjæledyr i barndomshjem og nåværende hjemmemiljø 2004 details  
Aas K, Andersen T, Becker R, Berner M, Holmen T L Barns innemiljø. En undersøkelse av norske boliger 1995 Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 1995 115 2048-51 details  
Aegidius K, Zwart JA, Hagen K, Schei B, Stovner LJ Oral contraceptives and increased headache prevalence. The Head-HUNT Study 2006 Neurology 2006 66 349-53 details  
Aegidius K, Zwart JA, Hagen K, Stovner L The effect of pregnancy and parity on hearache prevalence: The Head-HUNT study 2009 Headache 2009 49 851-9 details  
Aegidius KL, Zwart JA, Hagen K, Dyb G, Holmen TL, Stovner LJ Increased headache prevelence in female adolescents and adult women with early menarche. The Head-HUNT studies 2010 Eur J Neurol. 2010 Jul 15. [Epub ahead of print] details  
Aegidius KL, Zwart JA, Hagen K, Schei B, Stovner LJ Hormone replacement therapy and headache prevalence in postmenopausal women.The Head-HUNT study 2007 Er J Neurol 2007 14 73-78 details  
Ahmed S, Thomas G, Ghoussaini M et al Newly discovered breast cancer susceptiblity loci on 3p24 and 17q23.2 2009 Nature Genetics 2009 41 585-90 details  
Aksnes LH Health in long-term survivors of bone sarcoma 2009 details  
Aksnes LH, Bauer HC, Dahl AA, Fossa SD, Hjorth L, Jebsen N, Lernedal H, Hall KS. Health status at long-term follow-up in patients treated for extremity localized Ewing Sarcoma or osteosarcoma: a Scandinavian sarcoma group study. 2009 Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2009 Jul 53(1) 84-9. details  
Aldridge A The association between weight change and cardiovascular mortality: The HUNT study, Norway 2011 details  
Almkvist, O.; Bosnes, O.; Bosnes, I.; Stordal, E. Selective impact of disease on short-term and long-term components of self-reported memory: a population-based HUNT study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e013586 details   doi
Alsnes, I.V.; Vatten, L.J.; Fraser, A.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Rich-Edwards, J.; Romundstad, P.R.; Asvold, B.O. Hypertension in Pregnancy and Offspring Cardiovascular Risk in Young Adulthood: Prospective and Sibling Studies in the HUNT Study (Nord-Trondelag Health Study) in Norway 2017 Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) 69 591-598 details   doi
Amorim, A.B.; Ferreira, P.H.; Ferreira, M.L.; Lier, R.; Simic, M.; Pappas, E.; Zadro, J.R.; Mork, P.J.; Nilsen, T.I. Influence of family history on prognosis of spinal pain and the role of leisure time physical activity and body mass index: a prospective study using family-linkage data from the Norwegian HUNT study 2018 BMJ Open 8 e022785 details   doi
Andenaes, R.; Schwartz, C.E. Anxiety mediates the effect of smoking on insomnia in people with asthma: evidence from the HUNT3 study 2016 J Multidiscip Healthc 9 21-28 details   doi
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