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Gabin, J.M.; Tambs, K.; Saltvedt, I.; Sund, E.; Holmen, J. Association between blood pressure and Alzheimer disease measured up to 27 years prior to diagnosis: the HUNT Study 2017 Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 9 37 details   doi
Haug, E.B.; Horn, J.; Fraser, A.; Markovitz, A.R.; Rich-Edwards, J.W.; Davey Smith, G.; Romundstad, P.R.; Asvold, B.O. Pre-pregnancy Blood Pressure and Offspring Sex in the HUNT Study, Norway 2017 American Journal of Hypertension 30 e7-e8 details   doi
Retnakaran, R.; Wen, S.W.; Tan, H.; Zhou, S.; Ye, C.; Shen, M.; Smith, G.N.; Walker, M.C. Response to Pre-Pregnancy Blood Pressure and Offspring Sex in the HUNT Study, Norway 2017 American Journal of Hypertension 30 e9 details   doi
Andre, B.; Canhao, H.; Espnes, G.A.; Ferreira Rodrigues, A.M.; Gregorio, M.J.; Nguyen, C.; Sousa, R.; Gronning, K. Is there an association between food patterns and life satisfaction among Norway's inhabitants ages 65 years and older? 2017 Appetite 110 108-115 details   doi
Sardahaee, F.S.; Holmen, T.L.; Micali, N.; Kvaloy, K. Effects of single genetic variants and polygenic obesity risk scores on disordered eating in adolescents – The HUNT study 2017 Appetite 118 8-16 details   doi
Ness-Jensen, E.; Lagergren, J. Tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease 2017 Best Practice & Research. Clinical Gastroenterology 31 501-508 details   doi
Jorgensen, P.; Langhammer, A.; Krokstad, S.; Forsmo, S. Mortality in persons with undetected and diagnosed hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and hypothyroidism, compared with persons without corresponding disease – a prospective cohort study; The HUNT Study, Norway 2017 BMC Family Practice 18 98 details   doi
Li, J.; Wu, B.; Selbaek, G.; Krokstad, S.; Helvik, A.-S. Factors associated with consumption of alcohol in older adults – a comparison between two cultures, China and Norway: the CLHLS and the HUNT-study 2017 BMC Geriatrics 17 172 details   doi
Hellevik, A.I.; Johnsen, M.B.; Langhammer, A.; Fenstad, A.M.; Furnes, O.; Storheim, K.; Zwart, J.A.; Flugsrud, G.; Nordsletten, L. Incidence of total hip or knee replacement due to osteoarthritis in relation to thyroid function: a prospective cohort study (The Nord-Trondelag Health Study) 2017 BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 18 201 details   doi
Bauman, A.E.; Grunseit, A.C.; Rangul, V.; Heitmann, B.L. Physical activity, obesity and mortality: does pattern of physical activity have stronger epidemiological associations? 2017 BMC Public Health 17 788 details   doi
Krokstad, S.; Ding, D.; Grunseit, A.C.; Sund, E.R.; Holmen, T.L.; Rangul, V.; Bauman, A. Multiple lifestyle behaviours and mortality, findings from a large population-based Norwegian cohort study – The HUNT Study 2017 BMC Public Health 17 58 details   doi
Almkvist, O.; Bosnes, O.; Bosnes, I.; Stordal, E. Selective impact of disease on short-term and long-term components of self-reported memory: a population-based HUNT study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e013586 details   doi
Heuch, I.; Heuch, I.; Hagen, K.; Mai, X.-M.; Langhammer, A.; Zwart, J.-A. Is there an association between vitamin D status and risk of chronic low back pain? A nested case-control analysis in the Nord-Trondelag Health Study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e018521 details   doi
Hjerkind, K.V.; Stenehjem, J.S.; Nilsen, T.I.L. Adiposity, physical activity and risk of diabetes mellitus: prospective data from the population-based HUNT study, Norway 2017 BMJ Open 7 e013142 details   doi
Nordstoga, A.L.; Nilsen, T.I.L.; Vasseljen, O.; Unsgaard-Tondel, M.; Mork, P.J. The influence of multisite pain and psychological comorbidity on prognosis of chronic low back pain: longitudinal data from the Norwegian HUNT Study 2017 BMJ Open 7 e015312 details   doi
Sun, Y.-Q.; Langhammer, A.; Skorpen, F.; Chen, Y.; Mai, X.-M. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level, chronic diseases and all-cause mortality in a population-based prospective cohort: the HUNT Study, Norway 2017 BMJ Open 7 e017256 details   doi
Folling, I.S.; Kulseng, B.; Midthjell, K.; Rangul, V.; Helvik, A.-S. Individuals at high risk for type 2 diabetes invited to a lifestyle program: characteristics of participants versus non-participants (the HUNT Study) and 24-month follow-up of participants (the VEND-RISK Study) 2017 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 5 e000368 details   doi
Talseth, A.; Edna, T.-H.; Hveem, K.; Lydersen, S.; Ness-Jensen, E. Quality of life and psychological and gastrointestinal symptoms after cholecystectomy: a population-based cohort study 2017 BMJ Open Gastroenterology 4 e000128 details   doi
Perreault, K.; Bauman, A.; Johnson, N.; Britton, A.; Rangul, V.; Stamatakis, E. Does physical activity moderate the association between alcohol drinking and all-cause, cancer and cardiovascular diseases mortality? A pooled analysis of eight British population cohorts 2017 British Journal of Sports Medicine 51 651-657 details   doi
Yu, D.; Takata, Y.; Smith-Warner, S.A.; Blot, W.; Sawada, N.; White, E.; Freedman, N.; Robien, K.; Giovannucci, E.; Zhang, X.; Park, Y.; Gao, Y.-T.; Chlebowski, R.T.; Langhammer, A.; Yang, G.; Severi, G.; Manjer, J.; Khaw, K.-T.; Weiderpass, E.; Liao, L.M.; Caporaso, N.; Krokstad, S.; Hveem, K.; Sinha, R.; Ziegler, R.; Tsugane, S.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Johansson, M.; Zheng, W.; Shu, X.-O. Prediagnostic Calcium Intake and Lung Cancer Survival: A Pooled Analysis of 12 Cohort Studies 2017 Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention : a Publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, Cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology 26 1060-1070 details   doi
Hansen, A.G.; Stovner, L.J.; Hagen, K.; Helvik, A.-S.; Thorstensen, W.M.; Nordgard, S.; Bugten, V.; Eggesbo, H.B. Paranasal sinus opacification in headache sufferers: A population-based imaging study (the HUNT study-MRI) 2017 Cephalalgia : an International Journal of Headache 37 509-516 details   doi
Quanjer, P.H.; Ruppel, G.L.; Langhammer, A.; Krishna, A.; Mertens, F.; Johannessen, A.; Menezes, A.M.B.; Wehrmeister, F.C.; Perez-Padilla, R.; Swanney, M.P.; Tan, W.C.; Bourbeau, J. Bronchodilator Response in FVC Is Larger and More Relevant Than in FEV1 in Severe Airflow Obstruction 2017 Chest 151 1088-1098 details   doi
Junker, A.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Bjerkeset, O. Adolescent health and subsequent risk of self-harm hospitalisation: a 15-year follow-up of the Young-HUNT cohort 2017 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health 11 25 details   doi
Vindenes, H.K.; Svanes, C.; Lygre, S.H.L.; Hollund, B.-E.; Langhammer, A.; Bertelsen, R.J. Prevalence of, and work-related risk factors for, hand eczema in a Norwegian general population (The HUNT Study) 2017 Contact Dermatitis 77 214-223 details   doi
Henriksen, A.H.; Langhammer, A.; Steinshamn, S.; Mai, X.-M.; Brumpton, B.M. The Prevalence and Symptom Profile of Asthma-COPD Overlap: The HUNT Study 2017 Copd 1-9 details   doi
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